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Gossip medicine therapy

, Medicine chatter said &quot ;Yao ,peace variable &quot ;.Your can consist of sixty-four trigrams, it is the majestic and grand &quot ;&quot ;product. The sixty-four trigrams basis two trigrams is dry for days &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Kun ( get ) for &quot ;( pure Yin ) ,all other symbols are the two hexagrams changes combined to .
We control the two trigrams text meaning ,and from ancient Chinese doctors have been recognized as the valuable experience ,choose twelve kinds of typical and representative Chinese traditional medicine ,as a token of each line ,and then ,with the Yao changed and varied ,can make the medicine for Yao sixty-four downs ,since adjusting the body various unbalance phenomenon, this is &quot ;gossip medicine &quot ;.
This method can be regarded as a kind of &quot &quot disease cure ;confused confused ;method ,but that &quot & quot ;confused ;not real &quot &quot ;confused ;,because of motherland medicine is originated from the ,from the overall concept to the syndrome differentiation and treatment, fully embodies the book of changes dialectical thinking, and modern medical treatment of disease differentiation is essential difference .
Therefore ,the drug despite thousands of varieties ,but from reflect the nature of yin and Yang ,inevitable also only &quot ;dry For the days of &quot ;&quot ;Kun for &quot ;each line contains content .
Now ,we simply introduce the method ,for everybody reference in research and practice in 1,eight medicine significance ( 1)each herb in the treatment of diseases of the action in the process ,do not primary resistance to estimate ,only represents a kind of yin and Yang phenomenon ,therefore ,the corresponding yin or Yang Fang ,Yao position ,are required to strictly grasp ,can not arbitrarily change ;( 2)when in use ,the body reflects the hexagrams and drugs represent the hexagrams ,meaning is the opposite ,namely :reflected in the body of the Yin Yang hexagrams ,should take the medicine of the hexagrams ;reflected in the body of the yang to Yin hexagrams ,hexagrams medicine level .
Such as &quot ;dry for days &quot ;initial Yao as aconite ,in application, is on the &quot ;Kun for &quot ;at the beginning of the line ,other categories .2,drugs into trigrams dry day highlight dragon - - Ephedra Asarum dragon fire in the hole :Angelica gentleman all day dry - ginseng see Long Zaitian - Cinnamon Hidden Dragon - monkshood ( gun ) for the dragon to Kun wild - Maidong yellow skirt - Coptis comprises capsule - chapter can be Bupleurum Zhifangda Chuanxiong - - to - 3orangeLvshuangjianbing rhubarb ,specific Using (1 )as an acute disease treatment ,patients come to my office on time qigua method for me to patients with qigua ,your gossip law qigua ;as chronic disease conditioning or health care purposes, with four qigua .
(2 )in group trigrams ,according to Yin Yao take medicine ,Yang Yao take Yin medicine principles according to Yao ,position ,and from the Yin and Yang of the two hexagrams correspond respectively to choose medicine.
Such as :for someone has obtained &quot ;&quot ray Fengheng ;Gua ,wherein ,one ,five ,your is Yin Yao, then ,will take &quot days ;dried for &quot ;one ,five ,your medicine ,two or three ;four Yao Yang Yao, then ,will take &quot ;Kun for &quot ;two or three ,four Yao medicine .
Results :Lei Fengheng - - - - - - - - - - - - Ephedra Asarum Chuanxiong Bupleurum - Orange - monkshood ( cannon ) ( 3)dosage: from Yang Yao medicine ,every flavor by 9g; from Yin Yao .
Medicine ,every flavor by 6G; when the moving line ,does not necessarily correspond to take medicine ,Yang with Yin Yang medicine still ,Adiads Porsche Design,moving still with Yin drugs. This chapter points to note this chapter describes in detail the palace medicine all the contents of the book ,is the key components of palace medicine therapy is by nature .
Some plant ,animal ,mineral, a variety of energy on human generated by different roles ( or impact) and achieve the purpose of treating diseases of a cure The means of treatment .This treatment reflects all interoperable principle of objectivity, so for us how from macroscopical on understanding of the universe, it provides a new way .
Of course ,there absolute &quot ;&quot ;,the establishment is an exploration ,it and the micro medical form corresponding ,complementary ,believe ,will for the cause of human health to make some contribution .
This chapter content is more, we will be the main concept and significance of summary is as follows: 1 ,the nature of all things is mutual ,the interoperability is achieved through three basic energy to achieve, namely :sex ,shape ,taste.
( 1),whereby the temperature effect ( five effect) .Material ,is the nature of temperature effect is stored in the material in the product ,which in all communication, plays a regulatory role ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,transformation and balance ,reflected in the Taijiu system, as &quot ;&quot ;meaning ;( 2)shape ,namely the shape and texture of all forms .
The differ in thousands of ways are significant ,is nature space storing energy in the material in the product ,is the nature of all levels too nine system specific symbols .Embodied in the Taijiu system, &quot ;&quot Gua pivot ;meaning ,it besides have the energy to the specific Gua bit role ,also has a balanced Gua matter With the hexagram gas effect.
( 3)that taste ,smell. As the nature different kinds of motion energy stored in the material in the product flavor ,is the nature of all things between the life cycle of the main transmission mode (with all things &quot ;&quot ;and &quot & quot ;language ;meaning ) .
Embodied in the Taijiu system, &quot ;&quot and &quot Gua Gua Qi ;;&quot ;two-way meaning ,namely :the taste of the hexagrams ,which plays the role of divinatory trigram gas ,but also plays the corresponding trigram the hexagram matter function .
2,three kinds of energy in nine system the specific connotation 1):heat ,cool ,warm ,cold ,heat up ,cold fall ,Atsu Kyono ,who cool suppression ;heat and temperature of main qigua matter function ,cool and cold gas main qigua .
( 2):leaf shape ,the upper part of the grass the flight of birds and insects ,animal ,the skin ,red ore material master Qian ;pulp ,water plants ,full of moisture content in stems and leaves of the plant ,no significant difference in water or ground soft-bodied insects or lower animal ,animal ,the dirty white mineral main entry against the hexagrams ;plants or fruit peel ,hollow edge real plants ,winged insect or animal shell shell ,animal muscle ,purple or dark red mineral master away ;root Or underground tubers ,with spring insect or animal ,animal tendons ,deep green mineral main entry Zhengua ;flowers ,parasitic on insects on plants ,has a higher intelligence insect or animal ,animal brain ,light green or light blue mineral main entry Xungua ;dry core or gum ,fish ,snakes house lizard ,water ,insect ,animal blood ,black mineral master Hom Gua ;rhizomes ,bacteria living plant ,insect ,hedgehog ,wingless shell shrimp ,animal bones ,yellow clay ,in Burgundy Gua ;seed ,soil animal ,insect and animal ,animal organs ,deep water large most minerals and other main entry Kungua .
(3 ):sour ,bitter ,sweet taste ,spicy, salty. Acid with &quot in &quot ;turbidity ;Tatsumi ,along with &quot ;&quot ;and the shock ;suffering from symplectic Ruqian into ;against ;Gan into Burgundy Kun ;salt into the sill.
3,all interoperability ,all the food on the human body have therapeutic significance is clear ,some material for medicine ,will have its special significance ,or resistance, or taste ,or special form .
So nine treatment of medicine principles :respect for the ancients experience ,on-demand focus ,adjusting system ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,pay attention to system of Kanli factors and the system and so on. 4,Achieve cStateFormed status before,Ninth prose composing principle :in accordance with the six The fourteen trigrams of the palace classification ,each house of the hexagram ,Gua ,Gua ,closely corresponding communication diagrams are considered as monarch ,minister, and ,but as the most basic prescription layout principle.
According to this principle ,from the relevant trigrams were drug selection and composition of a square ,quality ,applicable to Gua Gua ,Gua Central Party gas combination ;force to the pivot pivot side force for Jun ,two trigrams of the hexagram pivot as minister, stress force pivot for with .
5,by using the method of principle (1 )Gua ,Gua Qi disease quality ,quality quality ,gas on principle, according to the trigram shape corresponding to and with the main and auxiliary .
( 2).The trigrams disease ,with the pivot as a supplement. (3 )the force pivot disease ,and stress in the Yin Gua pivot supplemented. (4 )the resonance disease, the force is mainly related the two trigrams ,the hexagram is supplemented, in Decoction ( conditioning .
5)complex Tai Chi body disease ,general strengths in routine use is treated, if four the relationship of suffocate suffocate reason more typical ,also according to causes of trigrams meaning and with the auxiliary side ;strong demand in universe and Lord Zhen Xun ,male with diarrhea ,dry mainly supplemented by purging the trigram ,female in Xie Kun ,supplemented by reducing earthquake ;weak complexes with basic principles for purging the strong supplement weak ,strong and strong with the requirements of disease ,s weak to complement each other weaknesses ,male to fill the Kun,After a one two one zero, s shock with main and auxiliary ,female to supplement the dry ,fill The main and auxiliary distribution .
In addition, also need to pay special attention to the medication time and dosage of principle, a detailed look at section second, three .6,Ninth medicine established, not only to the general disease presents is stable and permanent conditioning methods ,but also for some difficult disease ( such as mental illness ,psychiatric disorders ,hysteria ,sexually transmitted diseases ,cancer and AIDS ) breakthrough ,provides an idea ,though it is not is universal ,but the regulation of human overall imbalance this point of view ,must be good ,at least can prolong the life of patients and doctors .
If can cooperate closely ,or even completely likely four ,completely cured .Pharmaceutical dosage form drug therapy to conventional medication dosage form palace is powder and pellets ;if it is used to improve the physique and needed longer time when taking medication, or by patient ;to meet emergency ,are first to Decoction correction ,and then to bolus dispersion conditioning.
Introduce respectively below the dosage form preparation method and matters needing attention. 1,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,powder indications: all chronic or acute disease in the recovery period ,is the most superior medication dosage .
Processing methods: small Herb Grinder or traditional medicine ,drug ,processed into powder ,80~120 head,namely .Packaging and administration :according to conventional taking Volume ( see &quot with &quot ;principle ;7)half, first into a bag ,then the two pouch and a larger bag ( for main and auxiliary match taking) ,and finally to nine bags in a box ( the principal amount ) and five bags in a box ( auxiliary method ,amount ) as a course of treatment for main and auxiliary powder dosage.
Can also be packaged separately ,the patient is asked to master dosage ,taken directly .The medicine ,must not ignore the powder medicine taking time and introduce the drug selection .The medicine can be fried ,for some high light or fresh products ,can also be made by boiling water clothes.
Matters needing attention :in the process, first of all drugs will be clean ,and then dry ;dry, the best method to natural drying ,or placing the fire Kang dry ,must not be fire baking ;for some sugar content higher drug ( not easy to dry ) ,can be baked in the fire soft ,and then from the fire cooling the crisp ,fast together with other drug processing ( not long ) ;processing the dregs can not be large abandoned, should make full use of ,prevent imbalance .
2,pill indications: all chronic or acute disease in the recovery period ,but not in the habit of taking medicine .Method: in accordance with the method of preparing powder processed into powder ;and then the basic equivalent weight of the honey powder into a container for mixing Manufacturing ,refining to can use chopsticks to provoke silk to become namely when (while the container honey refining temperature is about 118 ℃);and then use the honey and powder ,and mixed with a small amount of sesame oil ,rubbed evenly, knead into pellets, each pill weighs about as powder weight is multiplied by two ;finally the waxed paper packaging ,then the food bag or other packaging box sealing .
Other ibid . Note :this formulation of preservation period is not long enough ,so in the processing and storage process should be given particular attention . First ,honey must refine to the desired degree ;secondly ,the sealing degree was better ,and stored in dry and ventilated place ,do not damp.
If grasp the above link ,pill shelf life of up to 1~2 years.3,Vina indications: or for chronic disease symptoms alone ,or for the improvement of the Yin and Yang had partial constitution ,or for health care ( not too long to take ) .
Method: according to the proportion of good style for main and auxiliary two party the main square ,a total weight 50g ,the auxiliary side for a total weight of 30g;separately into two bottles ,each filled with good liquor 1 jins,after a week after the start of administration according to the required time ,each taking a small ( 10~15g);with the clothes with continued ,each served 2 jindrunk dressing ;LED drugs can also be set to .
4,decoction indications: for acute disease in infancy ,To alleviate symptoms, should be more other dosage forms .Method: the main and auxiliary two party ( and join the drug ) the decocting two times ,each time the decocting time should be kept in 20 minutes ( starting with boiling ,not too long ) ;then, the respective two filtered liquid together, are respectively arranged in two a bottle, for two days of medication ,a day to take half hour .
The dosage can be changed according to the different situation and flexible master ,but according to the proportion of monarch and focus ,and difference between the main and auxiliary method used.
Three ,by using the method of principle in the application of Jiugong medicine ,one of the most important the principle is the main and auxiliary side match ,this is too nine treatment differs from other medical symbol of main and auxiliary match must implement the principles ,otherwise will weaken the effect of even a partial .
So nine is a holographic unit &quot &quot ;life ;concept, its internal divinatory significance only a life phenomenon local reflect ,that is to say ,&quot ;Gua &quot ;itself independence and holographic nature.
When it is in a &quot unit &quot ;life ;when ,is embodied by its holographic nature ;when it is once and the &quot unit from &quot ;life ;,its life will lose , but only became a unit of the &quot &quot ;life ;local traces ( in material terms ) .
So ,cannot use isolated look on trigrams, we in the development of therapeutic principles ,especially to reflect this. Nine medicine from the medicine division ,to composing principle, by using the method of principle ,it is the child of this one guiding ideology .
According to the nine system regularity (i.e., Gua Gua and between the various subtle relationship ) ,enacted by the following principles of conventional ( if necessary also flexible ) ,for reference.
The 1 trigrams hexagrams quality ,beriberi with side to high quality ,gas on principle, according to the trigram shape corresponding to and with the main and auxiliary . The so-called trigram shape corresponding ,refers to &quot ;Yin and Yang Yao even equal to zero &quot ;both sides .
Note ,trigram shape that corresponds to the concept with five lines of the same two divinatory concepts apart. This area is in the place of level hexagram ( a place in hexagram does not exist ) ,such as :dry and against ,Kun and Burgundy for five lines of the same ( belong to a force of two trigrams ) ,and the dry and Kun ,against Burgundy for trigram shape corresponding .
For example Tatsumi when filled shock supplemented; s earthquake filled the supplement ;s dried filled Kun ( ;fill with complementary reverse ) against with Burgundy ( the same as supplement ) ;fill with tonic supplement ( from hom The same ) .
Treatment of Gua Qi disease ,also with the principle .The 2 trigrams pivot disease with side take the cases of force ( for the pivot pivot supplemented by communication two trigrams meaning) .
For example :physical ,physical shock when the trigram with science and animal science ,supplemented by ;dry and when exchanges with physical and static Kun ,supplemented by physical science ;when Burgundy with Li Heng as auxiliary ;and ,from Likan were with the rationale and supplemented by 3pivotdisease with side then takes the stress in the Yin trigrams ( dynamic ,static corresponding pivot as a supplement ,scale ,the corresponding ) .
For example :working with and against the supplement physical distribution ;static and seismic supplement ;reasonable balance with Likan supplemented; physical distribution management for auxiliary when Kun .
4resonancedisease with side resonance disease is serious imbalance of yin and Yang of the product, is more infectious diseases category in the treatment of such disease ,should grasp the following principles: ( 1)attention to diagnostic results ( especially for diagnosis ) .
No matter how complex condition ,as long as the diagnosis is more good prognosis ,treatment are all easily ;( 2)powder modified decoction for medicine at the same time ,will lead the group ,and to increase the amount ;(3 )divided by the power conditioning pivot mainly local ,but also supported by related two Gua Gua pivot of the party as the auxiliary side (that is, one day a three pill ) ;( 4)if the condition is not very critical ,we can use powder ,but correspondingly matched with drugs .
5 complexTai Chi body disease with side ( 1)strengths in . The general situation according to the conventional method is to treat ;if the four kinds of relationship of suffocate suffocate reason more typical ,also according to causes of trigrams meaning with accessories .
For example :frequent colds is dried virtual ,according to conventional square ,should be in dry and supplemented by s Kun ;but if can determine ,the constitution is the result of a long distant heterosexual relationships and lead ,may also choose to fill the ( male) or additional shock ( female ) supplemented by side ;if it is due to &quot body of information communication ;&quot ;caused by blocked ,then optionally s Burgundy ( male ) or make up against the (female ) supplemented by Party ,etc.
( 2)strong demand in universe and Lord Zhen Xun ,because it &quot ,&quot sex information ;communication ;Zhen Xun as central ,also the main regulation of sexual desire ,therefore ,man should with diarrhea dry Xie Xun ( mainly supplemented by both men .
) female with diarrhea ,Kun and supplemented by purging shock (all women strengths ) .( 3)a weak complex disease .The main principle for purging the strong supplement weak. And strong can consult the weak ;fill ,fill namely relatively weak side ,male to fill ,fill with main and auxiliary shock Kun (all men .
) female to supplement ,complement ,dry the trigram with main and auxiliary (all women weaknesses ) .6medication timeprinciple has established the main and auxiliary matched with the Party principles, involves taking the time to ask Problem .
In the sixth chapter fourth section, we have described the forces of matter ,pivot ,gas ( twelve ) in the day of different strong time and thus can cause the related trigrams problems,Deviation, coverage, representative action -- grasp the index fund, according to this principle ,we can determine the optimal medication time ( see table below ) the choice of which kinds of medicine .
Two main and auxiliary ,were to get rid of &quot or &quot ;medicine ;traditional habit, but according to each corresponding to the strong time to take ( preferably in the hour beginning ) ,can improve the curative effect .
Nine powder optimal medication schedule time name Zi Shi s Kanlikan purging Hom Chou Shi s Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy Yinshi science and reasonable value s earthquake science and earthquake earthquake around the university physical dynamic Sishi s trigram of Sunda and Sunda noon fill from science from diarrhea from not s Kun Kun Kun science and rationality of compensation against anyone reguard against diarrhea versus static Hai Shi s Dry Xu physical science dry and dry 7dosageprinciple ( 1)a prescription ,the drug dosage ratio: monarch drug was 1 ,his agents for 0.
8 ,with the medicine 0.6.(2) various types of powder ( or bolus ) a dose were approximately :filling powder 6G,5gand scattered ,and bulk 4G.(3 )the main and auxiliary the dose ratio was 1 ∶ 1∶ 2/3.
1/2 orabove are for reference Weight ,do not have absolute limited .Two ,prescription paradigm to enable readers to more deeply understand the significance of Taijiu therapy ,to more fully grasp Jiugong powder prescription concept and composing principle ,which can further enlightenment savvy, now we are in accordance with the twenty-eight side of the pattern ,the ad hoc is exemple, combine each trigram main disease ,the appropriate prompts some medicinal guide ,for reference only.
Learning is not only in the mastery of nine treatment of several prescriptions, more important is to comprehensively understand too nine ideas ,improve understanding ,improve the &quot ;&quot ;ability ,Fang Nengzhen is perceived truth .
Because the book drug selection is limited ,prescription also not be able to reach the optimal ,more fruitful so nine treatment fruit still records understanding .1,repair dry bulk prescriptions :Cassia ( dry matter ) Ejiao ( dried ) walnut meat ( the quality of Eucommia ulmoides (Burgundy ) ( quality ) of Fructus aurantii Immaturus Kun matter ) gecko ( from ) :indication range immunocompromised, spontaneous cold, easy exogenous .
Lead-in :ginger and jujube decoction .2,and dry bulk prescriptions :Ephedra ( dry gas ) mint ( dry gas ) pollen Typhae ( trigram gas ) wind ( Gen gas ( gas ) ,Magnolia ( Kun ) from gas ) :indications ,body pain ,nasal obstruction fever ,hoarseness ,evening hot flashes and nine orifices function hyperfunction .
With drugs :General with ginger and jujube soup ;thermal weight ,Artemisia soup ;sore throat ,Yinhua Decoction ;sound dumb ,cicada ,Phoenix coat ( egg underwear ) Decoction .3 ,dry bulk prescriptions :Schizonepeta tenuifolia ( dry pivot ) cicada ( dry pivot ) Chinese arborvitae ( Sunda pivot tet (Burgundy ) the pivot of Amomum villosum ( Kun .
) ) treats (away from the pivot ) indications :itch ,itch, skin allergy ,urticaria ,rash ,cataract and so on. Lead-in : general to coriander soup ;itching worse, mint soup ;vitiligo ,Herba Ecliptae soup ,with cinnamon ,Fructus Psoraleae wine dip and 90g30gcoating ;cataract ,Tribulus terrestris L soup ;urticaria ,cnidium fruit soup .
4,up against the San Fang cases :medlar ( against the matter ) antler glue ( against the quality of cuttlebone ( HOM ) quality of Rhizoma Cyperi ( Kun ) quality of Eucommia ulmoides (Burgundy ) quality ) ginseng ( shock matter ) :wasting burnout indication range faceted ,anemia ,leukemia ,early white hair dry ,infantile malnutrition ,growth retardation .
Lead-in :jujube soup .Note: treating anemia or leukemia ,or it can be used in medlar modified Zaofan ( with red ,each time shall not exceed 0.2g) .5,and against the San method :Cases of toad skin ( against the gas ) alum ( against the gas ( HIFs ) Kanqi tuckahoe ( Kun ) gas ) Angelica (Burgundy wine ( gas ) rhubarb earthquake gas ) attending range :obesity ,stones ,goiter , tumor ,cancer.
With drugs : obesity ,Tangerine Peel Decoction ;benign tumor ,Prunella soup ;goiter ,kelp soup ;stones, renal cancer, garlic soup ;soup .6,science versus the bulk prescriptions :Schisandra ( against the pivot ) Gardenia ( against the pivot ) sandalwood ( Hom .
) ft ( Kun pivot ) Atractylodes macrocephala (Burgundy pivot ) Chaihu ( earthquake pivot ) indications :nausea and vomiting ,do not think of eating ,burnout ,hypochondriac pain ,jaundice and so on.
Lead-in :general symptoms ,Tangerine Peel Decoction ;jaundice ,dandelion soup ;hepatitis B ,mulberry leaf soup ;cholecystitis ,Ze and soup .7,the complement of the discrete side cases :Ejiao ( from ) cinnamon ( from Eucommia ulmoides (Burgundy ) quality ) wattle ( Sunda matter ) gallnut (candesartan matter ) ( dried ) medicine treatment range: systemic comprehensive sexual dysfunction ,such as :spirit of doom ,burnout ,actuating limbs flaccidity the palpitation and shortness of breath .
The medicine :Saffron soup .8,purging discrete square cases :Poppy shell ( from the air ) Japanese Ardisia ( from the air ) of Pueraria lobata ( Gen gas ) ,yellow ( trigram gas ) ( Kanqi Ephedra ( HIFs ) dry gas ) indications :Wheezing cough ,chest full of tenderness ,globus no ,milk ,upper limb ache .
Lead-in : simple cough ,Shiwei Decoction ;emphysema ,Houttuynia Decoction ;allergic asthma ,pollen Typhae soup ;pertussis ,gardenia Soup ;Globus ,Su stalk soup ;milk impassability ,cowherb seed soup ;pleurisy ,pokeweed soup .
9,discrete square cases :cork ( from the pivot ) indigo (away from the pivot ) scorpion (Burgundy rose .) ( the pivot ) aloes ( Hom .) ( dried catnip .〖 ZK〗indication) ) :all red heat is painful ,sore and furuncle carbuncle ,furuncle swollen lymph nodes and other inflammations .
Lead-in :redness ,angelica soup ;heating or ,Artemisia soup ;ulcer not healing ,Shenqi decoction ;both abdominal pain ,ginger soup ;hemorrhoids ,Burnet soup ( Fig better ) ;aphtha ,cinnamon soup ,and with a thick end of Asarum umbilicus .
10 ,s seismic scattered prescriptions :Ginseng ( shock matter cannon monkshood ( shock ) ( quality ) of Fructus aurantii Immaturus Kun matter ) gallnut (candesartan matter ) walnut meat ( the matter ) antler glue ( the matter ) indications :heartbeat slow ,short breath weakness, blood pressure and body temperature is low ,loss of libido ,reduced secretion ,fecal and long period ,menstruation period and amenorrhea .
Lead-in : general to onion ginger ;impotence ,cnidium fruit soup ;female frigidity ,cloves, pepper soup under 11,and seismic dispersion method .Example: Coptis chinensis ( shock gas ( gas ) on earthquake ) and coix seed ( Kun Dragon ( gas ) Kanqi ) ,yellow ( trigram gas ) alum ( against the gas ) :tachycardia indications of heartbeat ,shortness of breath and A fen ,blood pressure and elevated temperature, hypersexuality ,hyperthyroidism, secretion ,bone steaming tuberculosis hot sweats ,menorrhagia or advance ,acne ,wine of Hawthorn nose with drugs : general to Daisy soup ;heartbeat tachycardia ,pollen Typhae soup ,and cold water immersion surface ;high temperature ,CLR soup ;menorrhagia are ,cornel decoction .
12,shakes disperses prescriptions :Ophiopogon japonicus ( earthquake ( earthquake pivot pivot ) in Polygonatum odoratum ) ft ( Kun pivot ) sandalwood ( Hom .) Suanzaoren ( Sunda pivot ) of Schisandra chinensis ( against the pivot ) indications : endocrine disorders ,irregular heartbeat ,intermittent fever ,daytime sleepy night waking, menses front and back without regular gestation reaction ,vertigo ,tinnitus tinnitus cerebri ,tired voice allergies ,some chronic poisoning phenomenon caused by endocrine disorders and infertility .
Lead-in : general to Artemisia soup ;severe arrhythmia ,ginseng soup ,pregnancy vomiting ,Tangerine Peel Decoction ;vertigo ,tinnitus ,buzzing ,Rhizoma Drynariae decoction .13,fill the Sunda San prescriptions :alum ( the matter ) camphor ( Sunda matter ) ( dried ) of acanthopanax bark ( from ) ginger ( shock matter ) antlers (Burgundy matter ) attending range :Spirit lazy ,depression ,lethargy ,loss of memory ,depression ,senile dementia ,hysteria and unexplained coma.
The medicine : general to Albizia flower soup ;Yi The sick ,the jade Jintang ;senile dementia ,honey soup ;depression, sesame soup .14,Xie Xun bulk prescriptions :send ( trigram gas ) mint ( dry gas ) artificial bezoar or bezoar ( trigram gas ( gas ) peel from Coptis chinensis ( shock ) gas ) Tianma ( Gen gas ) indications :emotional and difficult to control, be on tenterhooks ( ADHD ) ,heart panic ,timid and suspicious ,psychiatric disorders .
With drugs : general to sesame semen Ziziphi Spinosae Decoction ;mad intensive ,taking gypsum Decoction ( 150-250gunder or into figwort root volume, better ) .15,Tatsumi bulk prescriptions :Coptis chinensis ( trigram .
Egg yolk powder ( Sunda .) ) cicada ( dry tree peony bark ( pivot ) from Ophiopogon japonicus ( pivot ) earthquake pivot ) of Cynanchum paniculatum (Burgundy pivot ) indications :intractable insomnia ,upset irritability ,mental weariness .
Lead-in : general to Gardenia Decoction ;intractable insomnia ,semen Ziziphi Spinosae decoction .16,s Hom bulk party cases : gallnut (candesartan matter ) Crinis Carbonisatus ( Hom ( quality ) of Placenta Hominis against quality ginseng ( shock ) ( quality ) of donkey-hide gelatin from Cyperus rotundus ) ( Kun matter ) attending scope: a variety of hemorrhagic disease and spermatorrhea ,leucorrhea ,frequent micturition ,metrorrhagia ,varicose veins .
Lead-in :bleeding ,gardenia soup ;lower bleeding, agrimony soup ;leucorrhea ,motherwort herb soup ;Huang ,plantain Decoction ;spermatorrhea ,walnut ( break ) Decoction ;enuresis ,Alpinia oxyphylla soup ;varices ,Portulaca oleracea decoction ,and with &quot ;&quot Oriental Huoxue plaster ;affixed to the affected part between the upper and lower points .
17,purging Hom bulk party cases: ( Kanqi leech ( HIFs ) Kanqi ) areca ( against the gas ) liquor rhubarb ( shock gas ( gas ) peel off Tuckahoe ( Kun ) gas ) indications :vasculitis ,angina pectoris ,arteriosclerosis ,cerebral embolism ,cirrhosis ,dropsy ,urine is closed .
The medicine : general to saffron soup ;chest discomfort or chest pains ,ginger soup ;vasculitis ,honeysuckle ,Scrophulariaceae, the 30gDecoction ;liver cirrhosis abdominal water ,3G,jujube ten pieces of Kansui root decoction .
18,Likan bulk prescriptions :Asarum ( Hom .) galangal ( Hom .) of Schisandra chinensis ( against the pivot ) Pinellia ternata ( earthquake pivot ) treats ( from the pivot ) of Evodia rutaecarpa ( Kun .
) :indications of temperature in cold limbs ,joints adverse ,stomach cramps ,hiccup ,obstruction of the pylorus ,cardia stenosis ,predawn diarrhea ,colic ,dysmenorrhea ,annex inflammation .
Lead-in :general with ginger soup ;dysmenorrhea ,angelica soup ;hernia ,Tangerine Peel Decoction ;predawn diarrhea ,cinnamon soup ;pyloric obstruction ,Zanthoxylum soup ;cardiac stenosis ,Ling Xian Tang .
19,fill our Burgundy powder :antlers (Burgundy matter ) Woodwardia (Burgundy quality of Eucommia ulmoides ) ( from ) ( dried ) of Ligustrum lucidum ( against the quality of walnut meat ( ) The matter ) :indications of Weizheng ,hypotonia, muscle atrophy ,tremor ,sequelae of infantile paralysis ,fracture during recovery .
The medicine : general to yellow rice wine soup ;sudden Xiawei intensive ,with speculation Eucommia ulmoides 90gwine ,half Decoction ;tremor ,tangerine peel raw ginger ;promoting fracture healing ,J.
soup ,soup and clothing distribution .20,Xie Gen bulk party cases :wind ( Gen gas ) Blume (Burgundy Red or saffron ( gas ) from mulberry leaves ( gas ) dry gas ) alum ( against the gas ) pollen Typhae ( trigram gas ) :indications ,tonic spasm ,paralysis ,aphasia ,hemp ,limb bone hyperplasia with drugs : general to yellow rice wine soup ;hemiplegia ,Astragalus 50-100gDecoction ;facial paralysis ,white Fuzi Decoction ;aphasia ,bamboo juice ginger soup .
21,Burgundy bulk party example: Cynanchum paniculatum (Burgundy pivot ) processed semen (Burgundy pivot ;strictly control the amount of Cortex Moutan ( away ) cicada slough .) ( dried Gardenia ( pivot ) against the pivot ) Suanzaoren ( Sunda pivot ) indications :joint pain ,soreness ( such as frozen shoulder ,spondylitis, etc.
) ,or joint swelling and pain ,fever, redness ( rheumatoid arthritis) .With drugs :joint swelling ,rice wine soup ;red person, student gypsum soup .22,s Kun San Fang cases :the semen Raphani ( Kun matter ) areca ( Kun matter ) ginseng ( shock matter ) longan meat ( against the quality of licorice ( ) Dry matter ) cuttlebone (candesartan matter ) treatment range: poor satisfied food dietetic habits ,burnout lazy word ,then dry and long period ,or a combination of parasitic diseases .
The medicine : general to malt soup ;there are parasites ,pumpkin soup .23,Xie Kunsan case :tuckahoe ( Kun gas ) halloysite ( Kun ( gas ) of carbon shock gas ) garlic powder ( against the gas ) sage ( dry gas ) corallite ( Kanqi ) :indications and do not collect ( food intake does not absorb ) ,visceral ptosis ( drooping ,gastric prolapse ,uterine prolapse and other ) ,chronic dysentery ( colitis ) ,atrophic gastritis .
With drugs :and do not receive ,pollen Decoction ;chronic diarrhea or fecal not forming ,loess soup ( and deep clean Sukhavati ) ;passing blood ,Fructus Sophorae soup ;visceral ptosis ,Astragalus membranaceus or cotton root soup ( prolapse of the anus ,and at the same time, alum ,Pomegranate Peel Decoction Tang Xunxi ) .
24,Li Kunsan case :white Cardamom ( Kun .) ( Kun .) Breit ( Fructus evodiae earthquake pivot ) Alisma orientale ( against the pivot ) Nepeta ( dry pivot ) sandalwood ( Hom .
) indications :intractable abdominal distension, dry stool and urine normal (as distinct from cirrhosis of liver ascites ) ,and acute diarrhoea ,dysentery abdominal pain ,vomiting, fever ( cholera ) .
With drugs :intractable abdominal distension, areca Decoction ;cholera ,ageratum soup .25,physical and dynamic dispersion Method :white pepper ( moving pivot ) nidus Vespae (movable pivot ) centipede (movable pivot ) magnet ( shock gas ) send ( trigram gas ) gypsum rubrum ( static pivot ) indications :nervous headache ( especially trigeminal neuralgia ) ,rhinitis or sinusitis ,was wandering pain ,sciatica ,intercostal nerve pain ,epilepsy .
Even &quot ;moving pivot resonance &quot ;when the mycotic vaginitis ,syphilis ,AIDS and so on. Lead-in :nervous headache ,Fructus viticis soup ;rhinitis ,sinusitis ,Magnolia Decoction ;epilepsy ,pepper soup ;intercostal neuralgia ,Geranium grass ,Tougucao Decoction ;sciatica ,Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae Naze soup ;migration of pain ,loofah soup ;syphilis ,with earthy tuckahoe 200-250gDecoction ( at the same time clothing distribution under &quot ;Qing Mei San &quot ;9g:pink ,light pink 6G, mercury 3G ,red dates flesh pill ,mung bean big ,a pill ) ;mould sex vaginitis ,plaque accumulation soup ( at the same time ,Cortex Phellodendri Cortex Lycii Fructus ,Decoction fumigation ) ;patients with AIDS ,but at the same time with the service &quot ;s dry bulk &quot ;,and Garlic Soup .
26,static powder prescriptions :Gardenia ( static cold .) stone ( static pivot ) Folium ( static pivot ) mint ( dry gas ) areca ( against the gas ) nidus Vespae (movable pivot ) attending range :hot ,thirsty ,dark urine ,upset ,or Constipation ,abdominal distention .
Even &quot ;static pivot resonance &quot ;when the influenza ( hyperthermia based syndrome) ,infectious hepatitis ( acute period) ,smallpox ,measles ,chicken pox ,scarlet fever .Lead-in :Hyperthermia profusely ,gypsum ,etc.
under 50g30gDecoction ;constipation and abdominal full ,orange rhubarb soup ;diabetes, Huangqi soup yam ;infectious hepatitis ,Yinchen soup ( at the same time clothing distribution under &quot ;science versus the bulk &quot ;with other febrile infectious disease, gypsum soup ( Artemisia annua and clothing distribution of dry bulk &quot ;&quot ;27).
,Click Here,Li Heng San Fang case :White ( balance pivot ) American ginseng ( balance pivot ) borax ( balance pivot ) Angelica ( Gen gas ) and coix seed ( Kun gas ) frankincense ($ pivot ) :indications ,shortness of breath ,dry cough and dry tired thin thick sputum or blood in the sputum and various tuberculosis and parasitic worms disease .
Even &quot ;balance pivot resonance &quot ;when the filariasis ,schistosomiasis ,cholera ,dysentery ,amoebic dysentery and other infectious .Lead-in :emaciated and night sweats long cough with little sputum ,100Ophiopogonsoup ;pulmonary tuberculosis ,pear soup ;bone tuberculosis ,Rhizoma Drynariae decoction ,and wear yellow Croton ( 1-2particlemethod: the yellow wax melts, the Croton whole into wax hanging clothes ,the clothes ) ;other tuberculosis , Prunella soup ;intestinal parasites ,betel nut pumpkin soup ;with filariasis ,schistosomiasis and acute bacillary dysentery ,chinaberry root bark decoction ,and at the same time with the service &quot ;and &quot Kun San ;28,rationality and bulk prescriptions :rhubarb charcoal ($ pivot ) rugosa ($ .

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