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The first chapter has crack thought - literary bokee.com

, Foot in the shoe ( 2011 Edition)on the first wife :rescue of roads to the left or to the right ,also ,it leads to your heart .-- Herman Hesse cracked mirror. The mirror crack body.
Body crack thought. Meters if stood under the shower ,hope the mirror was torn into two bodies :the rain a marble tree is split in half ,bloodless tree .Woman clean body ,live chaste monument cemetery flowers .
Far in laurel ,bitter consolation. Thin water ,little puffs of the creamy skin down the stream ,like a pair of ambiguous hand ,touch cheek ,neck ,towering * * * ,Adidas Wings In addition,the streamlined body .
What kind of woman ?Take away his time at home and in these times of crush. In mind opponents ,lurking predators .Now ,he might be in the her feet to be overweeningly ambitious ,captive ,ready to carry the weapon.
She smiled at him ,lusty Cleopatra laugh glabella rippling ,a * * * the ups and downs of the desire ,the blood in the skin under the crackling of burning ,at any time can body detonated ,even * * * take thought bomb into a pile of debris drifting profusely and disorderly .
Dry Hot ,thirsty Kiss ,kiss ,kiss .,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,burning ,flame covering the body. He vascular boom hands like crawling animal ,through this new territory ,hilly ,plain ,black forest ,panting .
Her dissolute laughing ,trembling from the waist ,shoulders in a trembling soul in death .Sin ,so that is what it is. Close to paradise .Shower water ,thin ,40 Crain .Meters if open empty eyes ,face there was a crack in the mirror ,capillary ,thought ,bifurcation ,bifurcation in the mirror again .
The body disappears ,leaving a reeky fresh blank meters if recall .After dinner that scene. Usually ,once entered the bathroom is the president calls him will bubble bath treatment :&quot ;wear this suit ,I am the lives of slaves ;take off the skin ,I am my own master.
&quot ;and tonight ,he took off his clothes, but forgot to do their own the owner ,a phone like a shadow play in the line ,turn him into a captive puppet ,just hang hanger suit shirt body temperature has not dissipated ,and he hastily set on the body.
The bathroom door was wide open ,like a questionable mouth ,put a good take a shower water was to be rather baffling languished in the bathtub. Even bath can not wash ?This is a first bad.
What important thing? &quot ;go ?It &quot ;m if he arranges suit collar ,suppress the idea .The silence of the lambs .&quot ;you sleep first !I come back late .&quot ;he looked like .
The hypocrisy of the wolf .&quot ;i ... ... &quot ;m if nasal in acid ,can not help but want to hug him .&quot ;well, don .&quot ;he coldly away her gentle ,the head also does not answer to go .
Meters if sighed softly ,like petals falling to the earth .This is my beloved husband ,determined from the Cliff leap man ,retain is no good, that can reduce their own personality ,and even accelerate he left feet .
Her eyes flashed a tropical rain forest, scorching sun ,anxiety of male black spider brewing it first and last love : wandering ,close to ,attract ,tease ,love * * * ;pain ,panic ,struggle ,dark ,accept death .
* * * ,appetite completely meet after a female spider calmly leave ,hidden in the jungle of darkness. The male knows it is a female spider meal. Love martyr .He is male ,he was senior killer ,not dripping dew ,leave no traces .
For a long time ,he late return ,even warm like in a perfunctory ,intuition tell m if ,this middle have problem. Many times she tried to count the what ,but the results are all in vain ,from his face did not see any the answer .
However ,she indistinct feeling ,in intimate The two men appeared in the world a crack ,will slowly their distance .Meters if standing in the bathroom ,disorderly thoughts ,various deserted scene revolved ,tormented her flimsy nerve.
She appeared in front of many pictures: covered with a black veil mysterious face ,consciousness of entanglement the strange woman .He is in her killings ,also be the woman by occupation, from head to foot over every inch of land .
Adam and Eve ,between generations two * * * ,the only desire at the same time victory. He is trying his best ,she responded to the pinnacle of pleasure ,deep sea ,woman tightening of the uterus, tens of thousands of free spirit .
Son, looking for the exit of fish. The survival of the fittest ,survival of the fittest .&quot ;he loves me ,this is evidence. &quot ;the woman standing in the doorway ,topless, fat milk room under the nursed a red mouth ,a light pink hair thin yellow infant head ,holding the baby strong arm .
Almost naked, but with a thick veil ,face hidden in the thick darkness. Strange rival, unseen faces. Meters if mind midnight theater without a face ghost ,black cloak is empty . finally came ,she thought.
&quot ;this is evidence. &quot ;for ,the woman said. Meters if chewing each other, looking at that pale pink head .Yes ,is sucking milk ,&quot &quot ;evidence ;that I failed the baby ,pale pink skin ,flow is my husband blood .
&quot ;I mistress ,you go !&quot ;she squeezed in. A usurper .Meters if anger reached ,to strip off the thick black veil ,the woman had disappeared ,the bathroom mirror a foggy warm and cold in the face ,the mirror that crack clearly shocking.
What opponents ?She must be very charming? Or very seductive ?Meters if desperately search possible message ,think as a possible rival to construct a real face ,but the ,nothing, black cloak empty.
Meters to ,is it all a figment of me ?I am a suspicious at jealous wife? What make groundless accusations ,out of thin air is this breed ?But ,however, in the first half of this year to his behavior is normal ?To go home to eat less more, stay at home Time is less ,motionless until two thirty in the morning to go home ,Goodbye, Houston _ Wang Meng _ Sina blog,a down on the bed and went to sleep like a pig ;at home is always gloomy face ,be preoccupied by some troubles like; formerly also help to do some housework ,accompany me to the mall, now ,a changed person ,what are too lazy to look ,what are uninterested ;paradoxically ,even on the toilet, he would take the mobile phone in a pocket, take a shower before you checked out the mobile phone can be assured ;originally, if not more ,now basically no say ,between husband and wife is like in the replacement business ,the past as long as I have anything ,he would love to comfort me for a long time ,now ,he always pretended not to see .
Let m if disturbed ,many times she to him smell a smell not much, if any ,like perfume ,but is a special aroma. ?m if you hit a shiver ,dare not to think .Maybe ,that is not I want this? His work too much pressure, also recently made a business manager, because of the need to redouble our efforts ,so extra work into just one of those things ?Meters if think, after dinner scene or can be designed such that :&quot ;go to ?It &quot ;m if he Institute of business suit collar ,hides the inner end.
You .&quot ;you sleep first !I come back late .&quot ;he is full of apologies .Tired camel &quot ;I ... ... &quot ;m if nasal in acid ,can not help but want to hug him .&quot ;well, don .
&quot ;he had to withdraw her gentle ,resolutely follow the .M if you he said that :&quot ;cause is man wise woman, challenges her ,has she ,in her body put on successful banner ,is a man he is also the supreme glory.
&quot ;when saying this word, he half squint eyes ,slightly upturned mouth ,a pair of win look ,really want to give him a slap !Cause into the woman transfer the man his indifference love ?What for ??someone new ?Tired marriage ?Probably ,maybe ,might be.
If the answer is ten ,guess would be 10Bathroom .The wet body ,is buried in the body or mind .&quot ;every heart has a tomb and dungeon .&quot ;Hawthorne crawled out from the grave ,voices floating in the turned pages ,like a pot of water vapor in moist ,scald meters if empty heart.
Meters if dry body ,out of the bathroom .The living room the gentle light, like the familiar ,ask the eyes .There is no stranger to woman ,also have no predators .Meters if sitting in silence in the living room ,with a cup of black coffee black ,as if thinking of sth.
.Everything exists only in the imagination of self construction ,longing for a happy heart ,hands clutching the pain ,built the model of heaven hell ,this is human be opinionated .
In the bathroom door closed at the moment, all spread out the make blind and disorderly conjectures net ,with &quot ;&quot ;a sound ,be meters if recovered ,to cast into the dark secret heart.
Lonely as silkworm mulberry ,heart .As chat, find a person to accompany. Meters if just enter the chat room of regret, can chat to give you what solace ?Bitch here * * * ,rogue disguised as a gentleman ,pauper perform is a millionaire ,a good design trap, and the vast majority of ordinary man brazened went begging ,just want a little more concerned about understanding and not the real love, that float in the mouse ,living in a lie ,died in the shutdown after cyber love .
Here you can at the same time with two men and three women to be concerned with love and romance ,a person said replicated four times to several other fool ,is unable to cope with the &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;&quot ;you ;to stall.
So network chat is the eye becomes The ears,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, and the ears are human organs in the most foolish. But is actually a good stuff ,sweetheart ,with all ages. All real life can not ,in this piece of land is possible; you can wear ten vice mask, also can put the soul from refined light ;everyone here is the main character ,want to play what is what ,want to play to play.
&quot ;hey !Hello !Do ?&quot ;friends bar greetings .Meters if saw head shaking in the network ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,she was able to talk to friends &quot ;Eve ,a condition of the &quot ;lonely flowers .
&quot ;was thinking of network is the love ,or hate? &quot ;m if quickly knocks out a word .&quot ;HA ,network this thing ,only the devil take it as paradise .&quot ;this tone so familiar ,seemed to be seen where ,who said that? Let me think ,meters if knocked on the forehead .
Huo Sai ,Arcady ?On ,is he ,the chest was covered in tattoos ,bison like necks with a saint Lei Mei Tess like ,in the eyes of her melancholy air burly chap ,by eating seawater immersion ,sun baked corpses to partner to the survival of man .
He said ,&quot ;ethics this play Things ,I want to be in it pulled two shit .&quot ;this made Lei Bei card in love crazy eat dirt spit ant corpses of men, this was the Lei Bei compression in the hammock into &quot crackling ;&quot ;rowing ,spurting blood vessel man ,later he died in to let him happy woman under the gun .
One hundred years of solitude .Deep breaths .&quot ;why not ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;m oh. If looks up the screen ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,&quot ;the devil heaven is an angel of hell ,network this thing ,be careful !&quot ;she then knock down ,&quot ;tonight how empty ?&quot ;&quot ;and he had a small contradictions, part .
&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;how ?Okay ,tomorrow to coax him, the man with the child in a sample .&quot ;&quot ;you do not intend to get married ?&quot ;meters if asked concerned. &quot ;nothing.
Someone said ,Miyun trip, shoes ,comfortable only feet know. For single women ,the benefits of marriage are :avoid direct approximation greedy eyes ,prying ears ,saliva splashes mouth. I was divorced woman ,pulled out of the shell snail ,airing as naked as when one was born in shining white sun ,either to Left ,right, may all be saliva this smell rain alive drown or die.
&quot ;m John with her, I thought: poor man ,her fate is really unfortunate !Do not know their parents who are orphans ,the gray walls occupy her childhood the memory ;the youth from the men ,wandering ,even the marriage also failed to give her lonely heart warm .
&quot &quot ;Eve ;about marriage remark meters if interest ,meters if did not agree with :&quot ;if the marriage shoes ,foot did not enjoy? &quot ;&quot ;&quot how to speak ?;&quot ;foot ,wear winter boots ,summer sandals, when climbing wear sports shoes ,dance wear high-heeled shoes ,returned home for a pair of slippers ,lying in bed can also do not wear shoes.
If the marriage is the shoes can also become ?&quot ;&quot ;ha ha ,that change :marriage is a double bundle on the foot cannot easily take off shoes. &quot ;&quot ;HA ,this is more like it.
This pair of shoes if too small ,the foot will wear out a bunch of vesicles ,every step that you hardly wished to live. ;if too large ,may fall off, every step you will heavy-hearted ,worry about it the next second also in the feet .
&quot ;m If the interest to explain .&quot ;sole if too thin ,the way a little stones can break a foot sole ;if too thick ,and easy to wrestling ,especially on step time. &quot ;&quot ;&quot Eve ;also played a joke .
&quot ;upper air to water leakage ,too tight will cover the beriberi .&quot ;m if added .&quot ;ha ha ha ... ... &quot ;&quot ;ha ha ha ... ... &quot ;&quot ;hey ,talk about your shoes feel.
&quot ;she sends a &quot &quot ;chuckle ;expression. &quot ;okay .Just recently always feel that something is wrong ,but could not have said there is not right .&quot ;m if couldn reveal their feelings ,but she is measured .
&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;tell us your opinion .Nothing ,just think he is a bit cold .May be because of too much pressure .&quot ;m if followed explained. &quot ;you doubt your marriage is in trouble ?But there is no evidence ,on &quot ;she is ?Direct evidence .
&quot ;&quot ;m ?If doubts .Evidence. So that a bullet through a skull with legal stuff .M if not expectations evidence ,also do not want to become the executioner ,she just not sure .
This uncertainty brought her a great panic .If the doctor to patient suffering from cancer and said: &quot ;&quot ;you die .The panic patients only five; but if he said :&quot ;you may die .
&quot ;panic patients will increase very uncertain .The disaster is more terrible than direct catastrophes .Try to stop but cannot nightmare. &quot ;love in Latin called love ,it is the end is death .
Don someone can love you with a .Blind eye to dawdle ,like most of mankind, a sober man easily disappointed, easy pain. &quot ;m if began to speak ,the door rang ,her husband Cheng Yimo pushed the door and came in .
He looked for a pair of slippers ,leave off his jacket on the hook ,his face hidden in the shadows ,than the darkness was even more dismal .Are you back so early ?Some exceeding one .Meters if the efforts on his face looking for answers ,but in addition to fatigue and dark ,no new leads .
She hurried to the netizen ,shut the computer wanted him to take a shower water to prepare ,but he is in the living room through when said stuffy A: &quot ;I have to sleep ,you play. &quot ;I have to sleep ,you play with me .
If this sentence to m pondering over several times, the wronged tears suddenly rolls down ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,was covered with clouds of doubt her heart .Actually he was trying to say is: don tonight ,not interested .
,tonight! He this state has lasted for several months .Does he really changed ?Falls in love with another woman ?Meters if sitting in front of the computer ,quietly tears wantonly vent .
After a while, she heard the bedroom there is no noise ,so hastily wiping his face light Hand foot walk ,lift embroidered with silk Lily silk thin quilt ,lying on his side. He back to her lying on her side ,does not appear to be asleep .
Meters if the face in his broad and firm ,one arm around his shoulder .&quot ;tired ,sleep .&quot ;dark from his low voice ,accompanied by a thick body, and the body was cold does not turn .
Meters if gently sighed ,hand from his shoulders down ,turned his back on him. Tears once again fell, wetting her snow-white pillow is the work pressure is too great .The body is ill ??or am I wrong? Or ,he really * * * ?M if you have a period of time ,he would strongly like a beast, always unprepared onslaught ,but she didn warm up ,he went to sleep ,put the pain and lonely for the night with her.
At that time ,as long as he climbed on her body ,she could not think of themselves as he releases the desire the tool ,she will take the very big effort to control their inner disgust, don let him from his play.
Between husband and wife legitimate strong rape ,how can such a selfish and rude ?Only care about your own feelings .This is the one People do ?OK ,so practice is only temporary ,he at that time was in a bad mood .
Not completely pulled the curtain ,a large silver moonlight like water poured on the floor. When will the moon be bright ?Ask blue sky wine .I wonder if Heaven palace, which is what year ?Someone in the moonlight a cappella ,singing melancholy.
She remembered once deep love boy. Don wish upon the moon. It is changeable. Dream the first chapter when the teachers all over ,the heart also not tired Dragon Princess Phoenix Dance

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